Attention all fashion and clothing addicts:  We are looking for YOU! 

Do you love clothes and keeping up with the latest trends?  Is shopping a favorite past-time?  Guessing if any of these things are true, then your closet must speak volumes!

I don’t know about you, but at Nextt, our closets become stocked full of items we used to love, sizes that no longer fit, styles and fashions that no longer express our current state of being, and those special items we just can’t let go of.  Put that excess clothing to use!

Nextt is a great place to donate your current clothing items that no longer serve your needs.  Bring in your clothes for a cash exchange, and shop a great selection of classic and trendy items that will update your look and be easy on the pocket-book too!

  • Please have your items FRESHLY laundered and in a clean bag, box, basket, or tote. (No hangers, please)
  • We are a first come, first serve basis. NO appointment necessary!
  • While you,re looking through our store at the latest name brands and trends, our buyer will review your items.
  • Our buyers will accept items based on current style, condition, size, and store demands.
  • Once complete, the buyer will present an offer of cash for the items accepted. Want to get paid to shop?
  • We also offer 10% more for in store credit if you find an item you just can’t go home without!